Clinical Study services in Japan by 701 Research

Test your products in Japan!

701 Research was opened to meet increased demand from Stephens clients to test products for the Asian skin care market.  With our turnkey service, we will develop the protocol and study documents, contract and communicate with the testing facility, perform a site initiation, monitor the study, perform the data analysis, write the clinical study report, and manage the entire process.

About 701 Research

701 was purchased in 2017 by Toyo Beauty Co., Ltd., one of Japan’s largest cosmetic contract manufacturers, to increase Toyo’s product-testing ability and enable it to enter the US market.  701 moved into a larger facility in March to increase its testing capacity.

Shoichiro Yano, PhD, MD, serves as the Medical Director and an Investigator.  He received his MD and PhD in Dermatology from Tokyo University and did his fellowship in Dermatology at New York University.

Dr. Shinichi Watanabe, MD, PhD, was educated at the University of Tokyo and Harvard Medical School. A dermatologist and study Investigator, he also performs visual assessments for certain types of studies.

Types of Safety Studies:

  • 24H Patch 24時間パッチ試験
  • 48H Patch 48時間パッチ試験
  • Patch study with sensitive skin (24H or 48H) 敏感肌を対象としたパッチ試験(24時間または48時間)
  • Photopatch (PPT) 光パッチ試験
  • Repeated Insult Patch Test (RIPT)
  • Cumulative Irritation Study (14 days to 28 days) 累積刺激性試験 (14日間~28日間)
  • Sting スティンギング試験
  • Safety Study with baby and infant 乳幼児を対象とした使用試験
  • Safety Study with sensitive skin 敏感肌を対象とした使用試験
  • Safety In Use with long term user group 長期連用安全性試験

Types of Efficacy Studies:

  • Anti-wrinkle (JSCC guidelines and custom study design) 抗シワ試験 (JSCC ガイドラインとカスタム試験デザイン)
  • Skin Lightening/Brightening (JSCC guidelines and custom study design)美白試験 (JSCC ガイドラインとカスタム試験デザイン)
  • Anti-Pigmentation 抗シミ試験
  • Moisturization 保湿効果試験
  • Improvement Effect Study for Rough Skin 荒れ肌改善効果試験
  • Improvement Effect Study for Pore 毛穴改善効果試験
  • Efficacy for Sanitary products サニタリー製品の有用性試験
  • Hair Products 毛髪関連使用試験
  • Deodorant 防臭・消臭試験
  • Comedogenicity コメドジェニック試験
  • Acnegenicity 抗ニキビ試験
  • Cosmetic Efficacy
  • Research Guidance Tests (RGT) 製品の使用試験のアンケート

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