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Calling all Women, Men, Girls and Boys! We are always recruiting panelists to participate in our clinical studies for skincare, cosmetics, and personal care products.

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Clinic Location wdt_ID Study Name Number Gender Age Age Group Type Tags Link
Richardson, TX 89 General Interest - Dallas General Interest - Dallas Males and Females 3 months - 70 years of age Children and Adults General Interest Apply Now
408 General Interest for Children Studies General Interest for Children Males and Females 6 months - 6 years Infants and Children General Interest Apply Now
439 Get Paid to Refer Asian Panelists Asian Panelist Referral Program Males and Females 18-70 Adults Referral Program Refer Someone Now
557 One Visit Skin Imaging C22-D045 Females 20-49 Adults Skin Assessment Apply Now
Dallas 584 Moisturizing Cream C22-D063 Males and Females 18-50 Adults Moisturizer Apply Now
Dallas 592 Dark Spot Facial Treatment C22-D014 Females 55-70 Adults Anti-aging Apply Now
595 PMS Symptoms Supplement C22-D058 Females 18-50 Adults Supplement Apply Now
597 Pillowcase Study for Aging Skin C22-D086 Females 35-65 Adults Anti-Aging Apply Now
598 Anti-Aging Eye Cream C21-D106 Females 35-65 Adults Eye Area Apply Now
599 Eye Makeup Remover C21-D107 Females 18-54 Adults Eye and Face Apply Now

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What To Expect

Not sure what to expect when participating in a clinical trial with SGS Clinical Studies in Dallas? We’ve put together a series of videos to get you familiar with the process.

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