ABOUT SGS Clinical Studies in Dallas

Who We Are

At our Dallas-area research facility we hold clinical trials for skincare, cosmetics and personal care products on behalf of our global beauty brand partners. As a part of SGS, the world’s leading inspection, testing, verification and certification company we strive to make sure that your face cream is safe and effective. Our facility has four laboratories filled with the world’s leading equipment for measuring texture, hydration, elasticity, firmness and coloration of your skin.

What We Do

Global beauty brands are using scientific research to grow and innovate and want to know how well their products work on your unique skin. Our studies produce real life results for products designed to work on acne, aging skin, and other common dermal conditions. Help us lead the way toward better technology in skincare by participating in one of our clinical studies.


Your participation in our clinical studies is vital to improving the consumer products we use every day. Many of our studies require visits into our facilities so that an expert physician can monitor and record the effects of the skincare product. Located at US75 and Campbell in the North Dallas area, our facility is easily accessible to the entire DFW metro area. Other studies particularly for hair care, personal device and dental products can be performed in the privacy of your own home. Compensation ranges from $60-$750 based on study length and requirements and is paid upon completion.


What Happens In A Study?

Stephens Walkthrough!

Vanessa Walkthrough!


“I love participating in SGS Clinical Studies studies because I get to try new products that can be helpful. I like knowing I’m helping a company make their products better. And, getting paid to try new products is an easy & super fun way to make extra money! The staff is always quick and helpful, and their process is very streamlined. It’s definitely on of the best companies I’ve done studies with.”

– Jamie P.

“I have done many studies over the past 3+ years. I enjoyed every one of them. The staff has always been professional, friendly and very helpful. I look forward to doing more studies in the future.”

– Veronica H.

“It’s a breeze to complete a study. Everyone is always friendly and knowledgeable. It’s easy to sign up and the return visits are a quick in and out.” 

– Katherine S.

“The team is top notch! They have a great system for getting you an out with minimal wait time. Always professional and thorough making sure we have the information needed to complete the study. Love doing studies here!”

– Harriet C.

“I enjoy getting paid for trying out new products, especially when the products show amazing results.​”

– Vicki B.

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