Earn Extra Money

Everyone wants to make a little extra money. Participating on a study is an easy way to make some extra money to help supplement your income or pay off debt. Our studies pay anywhere from $75 to $1000.

Contribute to Research and Give your Opinion

We all want to feel that we leave a mark on society. By participating on a study, you help in the research and development and give your opinion of products that help people look and feel good about themselves.

Get to Try New Skincare Products

Who doesn’t want access to the latest and greatest products? When you participate in on studies with Stephens, you are given the unique opportunity to try products from some of the best cosmetic and consumer care product companies from around the world before they hit the market. Even better than that, you are paid to use the products!

The reasons to participate make being on a Stephens research study a no brainer! Click here to see a full list of studies in Phoenix and here for Richardson and apply for our studies. Or call our Recruiting Department today at 833-530-7596.