At SGS Clinical Studies, we run clinical studies for all types of skin creams and cosmetic products for some of the best-known brands from around the world. The products have been through safety testing and the studies typically take 3 months or less. We involve board-certified dermatologists and scientific professionals at each step of the process. 

Our study participants come from all walks of life, across all demographics and ages. The process is straightforward and usually includes scheduled clinic assessments of your skin before and after use of a certain product or skincare regimen. For those selected, it is easy, interesting, and an opportunity to participate in the development of products for a diverse consumer base.

Joining a study is very simple. Our process is as follows:

  1. Prospective panelists are screened by one of our recruiters over the phone or via text. They can call 833-530-7596 or text us at that same number. If they pre-qualify for a study, they will be scheduled for a day and time to come to the clinic.
  2. When they arrive for their visit, they will check in and be given paperwork to read and fill out. They will then see one of our doctors, who will review their paperwork to determine if they are a suitable candidate for the study. If the panelist is selected, they will be enrolled.
  3. The next steps will depend upon what type of study it is. Typically, the panelist will have some skin measurement taken for various factors. Next, the panelist may have their picture taken and answer a questionnaire.
  4. Finally, they will be given their product, instructions on how to use it and a diary to record their usage and make an appointment for their next visit. The panelist may come back two, four, eight and 12 weeks later, depending upon the study. At the final visit, the panelist will return the products and five business days later will receive compensation for their study participation.

“I think most people really participate because they know that their testing, their feedback, their surveys, are helping to get new products on the market,” shared Dee Wesson, a sales professional who has taken part in multiple studies in the past. “I think most people really like to know that their opinions count for something because there aren’t a lot of ways that you can really affect the market overall after a product is out.”


For Wesson, convenience and working at a comfortable pace are big factors.

“You can participate if you want or not,” she said. “If it doesn’t meet your schedule, you don’t have to participate. I think that flexibility is really important.”


Interested in learning more about what studies are available? Give us a call or text us at 833-530-7596.