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Special Sun Protection Study

Study Number: NA

Study Location: 

Union Research Center: 2497 Vauxhall Rd., Union, New Jersey 07083
Start Date: TBD
Compensation: $325


Male and Female


18 - 70 years of age

Skin Type:


Study Description:

This study is designed to evaluate how well sunscreens work in protecting skin against Ultraviolet A radiation using different methods to determine the UVA Protection Factor. In one method similar to our routine UVA testing, an expert grader will assess how the skin color darkens (in other words, tans) with or without sunscreen in response to different doses of UVA light. In an alternative method (similar to our routine HDRS testing), an instrument will emit a small amount of UV light and then measure light that returns to the instrument after passing through the skin surface with or without sunscreen applied.

Study Requirements:

  • Must be able to make 3 consecutive visits to our Union, NJ location (2 Short Visits, 1 Full Day)
Visit NumberVisit Overview
Visit 1The first scheduled visit consists of you coming in for a pretest – this will take one to two hours. Like our routine pretests, we will do a visual assessment of your back and evaluate your skin tone by using a chromometer to measure the evenness of your skin tone. After using the chromometer, we will then conduct UVA exposures on the unprotected test site using a solar simulator, an instrument that generates UV light to mimic sun exposure.
Visit 2The second scheduled visit consists of you coming in 16 to 24 hours after your first visit, for up to 6-8 hours. During the second visit, a grader will look at the tanning responses of the test site that was exposed at Visit 1, and we will determine whether you qualify to continue in this study – if you do not qualify to continue, we will then pay you $50. If you continue to qualify for the study, we will then test up to 10 pairs of test sites on your back – 9 of the pairs will have sunscreen applied and 1 will not. One test site of each pair will be tested like our routine UVA testing and one test site of each pair will be tested like our routine HDRS testing. Each test site will take 5 minutes to 3 hours to test.
Visit 3The third scheduled visit consists of you coming in 16 to 24 hours after your previous visit for the final reading – this will take about one hour.

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