Union, New Jersey

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Photo Allergy – General Interest

Study Number: Varies

Study Location: 

Union Research Center: 2497 Vauxhall Rd., Union, New Jersey 07083
Start Date: Varies
Compensation: $360


Male and Female


18 - 70 years of age

Skin Type:

I, II, III and IV (must be evaluated by staff for approval)

Study Description:

Join a 6-week patch study to test the safety of cosmetic and personal care products when exposed to a UV light at SGS in Union, NJ. Receive $360 upon study completion plus a $50 bonus for your first time participating.

Study Requirements:

  • Must be willing to make 17 visits to our Union, NJ location.
  • Must be willing to participate in a pre-test before starting the study. Participants are paid $20 for completing a pre-test.
  • Must have a clear upper back. No freckles, moles, tattoos, or any marks/scars.
  • Certain medications may cause photosensitivity. Therefore, you must be willing to share your medical history.

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