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Antioxidant Benefit Study

Study Number: C22-U205

Study Location: 

Union Research Center: 2497 Vauxhall Rd., Union, New Jersey 07083
Start Date: 07/31/2023
Compensation: $1100




18 - 45 years of age

Skin Type:

II-V (light and medium/dark skin tones)

Study Description:

The purpose of this 5-week study is to evaluate if a new cosmetic leave-on skincare product can reduce the redness and skin darkening effects from sunlight. This will be done by daily application of product by a technician to your back for 2 weeks, exposing a controlled amount of Ultraviolet (UV) light to the area, and evaluating your skin both visually and with non-invasive instruments. Please take a look at the criteria and study schedule below and if you are interested, complete the fields below and we will call you to arrange an initial screening visit. ***Please note, to be eligible and paid for this special study, you must be able attend lab visits on each of the dates below.

Study Requirements:

  • Must be skin types II-V (light to medium/dark skin tones). To better understand your skin type, please visit this link
  • Must be able to commit to coming into our Union, NJ location for 19 days (See Group 5 schedule below)
  • Must have a clear back


WeekdayDateDuration of VisitNotes
Monday07/31/23AM Visit: 3 Hours
PM Visit: 45 Minutes
Tuesday08/01/23AM Visit: 1 Hour
PM Visit: 45 Minutes
Wednesday08/02/23AM Visit: 1 Hour
PM Visit: 45 Minutes
Thursday08/03/23AM Visit: 1 Hour
PM Visit: 45 Minutes
Friday08/04/23AM Visit: 1 Hour
PM Visit: 45 Minutes
Monday08/07/23AM Visit: 45 Minutes
PM Visit: 45 Minutes
Tuesday08/08/23AM Visit: 45 Minutes
PM Visit: 45 Minutes
Wednesday08/09/23AM Visit: 45 Minutes
PM Visit: 45 Minutes
Thursday08/10/23AM Visit: 45 Minutes
PM Visit: 45 Minutes
Friday08/11/23AM Visit: 45 Minutes
PM Visit: 45 Minutes
Saturday08/12/23AM Visit: 45 Minutes
Sunday08/13/23AM Visit: 45 Minutes
Monday08/14/233 Hours
Tuesday08/15/232 Hours
Wednesday08/16/231.5 Hours
Thursday08/17/231.5 Hours
Friday08/18/231.5 Hours
Monday08/21/231.5 Hours
Monday08/28/231 Hour

Referral Program

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