About SGS Clinical Studies, Inc.

Who We Are

SGS is the world’s leading inspection, testing, verification and certification company with 2,600 offices and laboratories around the world. Our research facility in Phoenix is a technologically advanced laboratory complete with state-of-the-art instruments designed to measure texture, hydration, elasticity, firmness and coloration of your skin. Our physicians and clinical researchers are experts in the field of skincare science and trained to discover how products interact with the unique properties of your skin.

What We Do

SGS is committed to delivering safe and effective cosmetic and personal care products to the world and your participation in our studies is vital to improving the products we use every day. The Global beauty brands we partner with are constantly creating new products and improving existing ones and need to test how their products work on your unique skin. Our studies produce real-life results to ensure brands can stand by their products anti-aging, sun protection or skin correcting claims. By participating in our studies you can help lead the way toward better technology in skincare.


Located at I-17 and Peoria Ave, our facility is easily accessible to all the Phoenix area community. We welcome panelists of all ethnicities and backgrounds to help us discover solutions to common skin problems. Many of our studies require visits to our clinic to assess the progress of the treatment, but others for hair care products, color cosmetics, personal devices or dental care products can be performed in the privacy of your own home. Study length can range from a few hours to several weeks depending on the requirements. Compensation ranges up to $60-$750 upon completion.


What Happens In A Study?

Stephens Walkthrough!

Vanessa Walkthrough!


“Very easy to participate! The facilitators and staff are all very helpful and friendly, and the in-office experience is very well organized. Everything is explained completely and clearly (expectations, procedures, policies), and the staff has always been proactive in making sure participants understand how to use the test materials provided. They’re also available to answer questions that arise between appointments. The facility is always clean and comfortable!​”

– Virginia G.

“It is super easy to participate on studies with SGS. There are typically many time slots to chose from. The staff make it convenient and quick as possible!”

– Jill M.

“I love working with SGS and getting to test all sorts of interesting products. The whole check-in process and testing process is extremely streamlined and efficient. They always try to not waste your time, and the compensation is very generous. I love doing studies with SGS, and can’t wait to do more!” 

– Jamie P.

“I love trying out new beauty products and getting to earn money while doing so. The tests are fun and easy. The staff is so awesome. They are all professional and kind, and work together to get you in and out as efficiently as possible.”

– Beth B.

“Extremely easy. Staff friendly, professional. Very organized and efficient. Wait times are minimal.”

– Laurie S.

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