Greying Hair and Supplement Serum

Study Number: C22-P138

Study Location: 

Phoenix Research Center: 2421 W. Peoria Ave, Suite 110 Phoenix, Arizona 85029
Compensation: Up to $500


Males and Females



Skin Type:

I-VI (Light to dark skin tones)

Study Description:

This study is being conducted to determine how well an oral supplement and a hair serum works on the appearance of grey hair.

Study Requirements:

  • Must be in the early stages of greying with some partial grey hair on the crown/top of the head OR right temple area with some grey hair covering part of the overall head.
  • Must maintain the same hair style and continue using regularly hair cleansing products (shampoo and/or conditioner) throughout the study.
  • Cannot have dyed the hair for at least 1 month prior to screening/baseline and must agree to refrain from dyeing the greying areas of your hair until after the final study visit.
  • Cannot be a smoker or having smoked regularly in the past 6 months.
  • Cannot take any vitamins, minerals, or herbal supplements during the study.
  • Cannot be allergic to sesame products.
  • Cannot currently be participating in another study at SGS, another research facility or doctor’s office.
  • Cannot have participated on a study involving the hair at SGS, another research facility or doctor’s office within the past 4 weeks.

Visit 1 Instructions

  • Wash hair within 24 hours before study visit. Come to the clinic with dry hair and no other hair products in hair.
  • Please do not wear wigs, hats, headbands, or anything touching the natural hair for the visit.
  • Please bring a valid ID or passport
  • Your first visit could take up to 3 hours.
  • If you are not able to make your appointment, please contact us ASAP by calling us at 833-530-7596.

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