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Anti-Bacterial Hand Soaps and Hand Sanitizers

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Phoenix Research Center: 2421 W. Peoria Ave, Suite 110 Phoenix, Arizona 85029
Compensation: Up to $125


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Study Description:

This study is being conducted to test the effectiveness of anti-bacterial hand washes and hand sanitizers.

Study Requirements:

 Please review the criteria and schedule below. Complete the application form if you are interested in participating!

  • Your hands must be free of cuts, scratches, hangnails or rash on the day of the study.
  • Must be willing to cut your nails short, not use nail polish, nail polish remover or artificial nails for 7 days prior to the test day.
  • Must be willing to remove any jewelry on the hands and wrists the day of the study.
  • Cannot be pregnant, breast feeding, immunocompromised or caring for an immunocompromised individual.
  • Cannot be taking steroids or using topical or systemic antibiotics and antifungals for the 7 days prior to the test day.  (Contraceptives and post-menopausal medications are acceptable to use).

Study Schedule and Procedures

Visit 1 (Screening visit will last less than 1 hour)- Qualify and enroll for the study.  You will leave with a kit of cleansing products to use at home.
Visit 2 (Test day (7 days after visit 1) visit will last less than 1.5 hours) –

  • You will have your hands washed to remove any oil or dirt.
  • The test bacteria (same as bacteria found naturally in soil) will be applied to your hands.  Samples are taken to measure how much bacteria is on your hands.
  • The test bacteria is applied a 2nd time and you will use the test hand soap or hand sanitizer. Samples will be taken again to measure how much bacteria is left on your hands.
  • The amount of bacteria before and after the test hand soap or hand sanitizer is applied is compared to see how well the product removed the bacteria from your hands.
  • Finally, your hands will be decontaminated and you will be given an anti-bacterial cream to ensure all the bacteria was removed.

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