Elizabeth, New Jersey

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SGS Clinical Studies, Elizabeth: Qualifications

Do I Qualify for a Consumer Product Test?

COVID Information

We’ve gathered information regarding how we are protecting our participants and ourselves against coronavirus. Please read this important information to learn what we expect from participants during this time.

Must be willing to make visits to Elizabeth, NJ and complete a health history questionnaire

Follow instructions pertaining to your study

General Requirements

General Health

  • Must be in general good health (physical, mental, and social well-being).


  • Certain medications may disqualify you from a study. Please call 908.810.1160 for more information.

Diagnosed Diseases

  • Cannot have any diseases such as asthma, insulin-dependent diabetes, lupus, MS or psoriasis.

Cancer History

  • Must be cancer-free or in remission for at least 5 years.

Pregnancy and Breast Feeding

  • Females only- Cannot be nursing, pregnant, or planning to become pregnant during the study.

Participation in Any Other Studies

  • Cannot be currently participating in any other studies at any other research facility or doctor’s office.

Study Specific Requirements

Patch Studies

  • Able to read and understand English or Spanish
  • Have your back examined by a nurse
  • Have patches applied to your back for a set amount of time based on the study
  • Able to come to SGS on specific days and times
  • Make 15-16 visits to our facility over the course of 6 weeks

Efficacy Studies

  • More information on efficacy studies to come

*Additional requirements for specific studies can be found on “Apply Now” study specific pages.