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Facial Evaluation Study

Study Number: NA

Study Location: 

Elizabeth Research Center: 288 North Broad St. Elizabeth, NJ 07208
Start Date: Ongoing
Compensation: $75





Skin Type:


Study Description:

We are conducting a study in the Elizabeth office which involves staying for about 1 hour to have a clinical grader evaluate skin on the face, and then have images taken with five different facial imaging systems. We are helping cosmetic companies determine which imaging system(s) best detect facial skin features. If you are a woman over age 20, call to learn more and schedule your appointment for the evaluation. You will be paid $75 to help the cosmetics industry with this ongoing project. Please take a look at the criteria and if you are interested, complete the fields below and we will contact you. *Note: Submitting an application does not automatically hold your spot on a study.*

Study Requirements:

  • Must be able to make it to appointment date/time at our Elizabeth, NJ location

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