Acne Referral Program

Earn $30 per panelist that you refer!
The person you are referring MUST come in for their first visit and meet the criteria below in order for you to receive the referral payment.
-Male or female, 18-45 years of age
-Be in good general health
-Be able to read and write in English
-Be interested in participating on our studies and willing to travel to our facility in Richardson.
-The person you are referring must be qualified by one of our recruiters, scheduled and come in for their first visit on an acne study.
Our acne studies run through March 2023, so you can still refer someone if they are in another study.  Please let the person you are referring know that we will call them 🙂
We will contact you about the referral fee after the person has come in for their first visit. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].